Новий причіп дача NIEWIADOW N126NTL

6 960 €
Ціна без ПДВ
≈ 7 830 $
≈ 207 100 грн
8 560,80 €
Ціна з ПДВ
Зв'язатися з продавцем
Модель N126NTL
Тип причіп дача
Рік випуску 2020
Власна вага 625 кг
Повна маса 750 кг
Місце розташування Польща Modrzyca
Дата розміщення понад 1 місяць
Autoline ID GN21649
Габаритні розміри 4.5 м × 2.05 м × 2.55 м
Кількість осей 1
Розмір гуми 165R13C
Гальма барабанні
Стан новий
Додаткова інформація: Англійська
More details:
Directly from the wholesaler
NEW PRODUCTS - Invoice including VAT, intra-community delivery of goods
or export and 12/24 months warranty
Business customers can buy products without VAT
All of our trailers conforms in all respects to the EC CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY (COC) and can be permanently registered in Member States having left/right hand traffic and using metric/imperial units for the speedometer.

Contact us phone & Viber & WhatsApp
English speaker +48 668 073 049
German speaker +48 696 555 474 or +49 (0)33456 604606

Advantages of our trailers:
- Permissible Total Weight 750 kg, which allows it to be combined with most vehicles (even small vehicles - check item O.1 in the registration certificate),
- a driving license category B is sufficient for driving,
- small size for easy maneuvering and storage of the trailer out of season,
- the possibility of expanding the usable space thanks to company vestibules,
- a wide range of additional equipment.

3-person trailer (wider bed thanks to the suspended wardrobe). Standard equipment includes:
- kitchen panel (gas stove + sink),
- a bathroom equipped with a sink (toilet cassette and shower with shower tray and thermal bath available as an option - extra charge),
- fridge - 3 functions, powered by 12V, 230V, gas (DOMETIC type RM 42XX, capacity 51 liters + 6 liters freezer). Daily energy consumption 2.3 kWh, gas 0.24 kg

• Int. size 305cm x 195m x 181cm
• One axle AL-KO or KNOTT braked
• Suitable for 3 person
• Laminated construction, 100% hermetic
• Basic equipment:
- fridge Dometic 55l
- Gas stove 1 x 2 lights
- Sink
- plywood furnitures
- double glazing windows, colored can be opened at the front and rear
- Double roller blinds at the front and back
- matresses
- door locked by keys
- water tank
- wire 15m 220v
• One braked axle
• Overrun device
• Net weight 500 kg
• Support wheel
• Spare wheel
• 4 supports

Contact us phone & Viber & WhatsApp
English speaker +48 668 073 049
German speaker +48 696 555 474 or +49 (0)33456 604606

Working hours:
Monday - Friday 8.00 - 17.00
Saturday 9.00 - 14.00

Terms of delivery:
• Direct delivery to your address
• Depending on the model and country we would like to offer you the delivery price
• The lead time is between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the availability of the selected model
• While the order is processing - we will inform you about the progress.
• We will contact you 2-3 days before delivery day
• For personal pick-up, we can arrange temporary registration plates
• All documents (invoice, EU Certificate of conformity (COC) are coming with the trailer
• Guarantee 12/24 months

Mazzo Maciej Kubiński is a company with 10 years history, based of our work started
on 2007. The company Mazzo is located at Olsztyńska 46 street in
Gietrzwałd. We have the biggest square with the largest selection of trailers in our
Mazzo is the dealer leader in selling new trailers.
Our company selling trailers from the biggest and from the best trailers manufactures
in Poland.
We are also one of the largest sellers in Europe.
Our trailers are sold all over in Europe.

Our company boast over 10 years of experienced in selling, modernizing and servicing
all types of trailers. We cooperate with leading European trailer producers and have in
our offer more than 500 models.
Our trailers have an international Certificate of conformity and all certificates required for
registration in the EU countries. Our team speaks English and German and is looking
forward to hearing from you. For and additional charge we can deliver our trailers
throughout Europe directly to your door.
If you are interested in our products or would you like cooperate with us – please
contact us by phone +48 668 073 049 or by e-mail sales@mazzo.pl.

In our offer there is a large selection of different types of trailers:
• Usual car trailers with steel structures and canopy
• Boat trailers
• Motorcycle and quad trailers
• Car transporters
• Side curtain transporters
• Mini Digger, Plant, Excavator Trailers
• Tilt trailers with hydraulic
• Tipping trailers
• General purpose trailers
• Platforms
• Box (VAN) trailers
• Special trailers
• Horsebox trailers
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